With three locations, SAMSA provides professional Michigan website development services to over 250 clients.

Our Team

SAMSA is a big-time company with a small-town feel. We are dedicated to providing trusted, dependable service for all the website development needs of your organization. You can find us across Michigan, within 50 miles of Bay City, Flint, Midland, Ann Arbor, and Saginaw, MI. Explore our site for a list of services we can provide you and your company.

Michigan Website Development Team

Website Development Team
Sheldon, Steve, Josh, Hillary, Matt & Kiel


Mike Stackhouse
Mike Stackhouse

Who We Are

We at SAMSA have been developing and hosting internet websites since 1995, and have completed more than 300 individual sites. The types of websites we have developed range in nature from a simple CMS driven web presence to mission-critical applications including advanced functionality.

Our heritage is in application and database development, thus we approach website development with the same disciplines required for software development. The result is a clear understanding of requirements and items that need to be delivered and effective team communication during development to keep the project on track, resulting in long-lasting relationships between SAMSA and our clients.

Our Mission

We measure our success by our clients’ satisfaction. SAMSA is truly concerned about the quality and value of the service provided to our clients’ on a daily basis. SAMSA is built on founding principles of honesty, fairness, quality, dedication, and results.

Administrative Staff

Our Staff


Job Well Done

The RTS system is a simple tracking system but the code is another complicated story. You stepped right in there and was able to get the job done in a short time frame. I would ask you questions and you would ask me questions and we both worked through the challenges. I have been getting thanks all day today for helping out with the implementation of RTS system on Nexteer servers. Without your problem solving skills the task would not have been done in a week. For some people it takes years to gain the skill set you have already developed. A job well done.
Luke Stehle, Svc Info Developer II
Nexteer Automotive, Saginaw, Michigan