Big Bear Tournaments oversees hockey tournaments in several major cities around the U.S. As the number of locations increase and more tournaments are added to the league, the number of teams and housing requirements became an overwhelming task for Big Bear’s small staff. Not able to add additional staff, it was time to look for an application to streamline the process of team registration and booking housing for the participating teams.

The Challenge

As a specialized event management company, nothing in the application industry is currently available that fits the needs of Big Bear Tournaments. The company was already using a database, but was looking to see if there was a company that did programming for Access. Finding SAMSA, Inc. in an online search was the simple part! The next step was determining the best way to accomplish the end goal of a streamlined application and booking process that was user friendly for both the event management employees and the coaches using the system to register their team.


Big Bear Tournaments has been able to streamline their registration process by:

  • Implementing automated processes.
  • Reallocating time to other tasks.
  • Integrating website with registration process.

With the time saved with the application, website, networking, and other services provided by SAMSA, Inc., Big Bear Tournaments is able to grow their company without additional costly resources.

About Big Bear Tournaments

Since 1992, Big Bear Tournaments have been managing hockey tournaments around the United States of America. The tournaments encompass teams from every age group and multiple arenas.


Steps that SAMSA, Inc. took to determine the needs of Big Bear Tournaments:

  • We sent a representative to assess the scope of the project.
  • We determined a plan of action.
  • We implemented a very simple website.
  • We customized an access data base to fit the needs of the client’s demands.
  • We ensured that the network in place was able to handle multiple users without any downtime.
  • We added features once the program was in place to streamline the process even more.

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