Why Accessibility Matters

The importance of accessibility is constantly on the rise. Awareness of an aging population, evolving demographics, and increased internet presence is important to your site’s success and usability. Understanding facts about age, disabilities, and general population information is critical.

Accessibility also applies to the average user. Information available to a visitor using a desktop computer should also be available to the smartphone and iPad user. With every new technology comes new opportunities to deliver elegant solutions.


Determine Your Accessibility

SAMSA will provide a written analysis of issues found on your site, along with easy to understand explanations. Our goal is to move beyond the basic requirements for accessibility (Defined under Priority One of the WAI guidelines) to provide a truly usable site for the greatest possible number of users, web browsers and platforms.

To reach that goal, our team starts by scheduling a strategy meeting with your organization. Working together, we will formulate an action plan customized to your agency’s needs. Upon completion we will add an “Accessibility Policy” to your site, proclaiming your organization’s commitment to providing access for everyone.

contact us for a free accessibility report.