What’s an API?

Web APIs allow web-based applications to to utilize existing and powerful data, services, and features. By doing so, developers are able to create dynamic and rich applications that would otherwise not be possible. Just a few examples of Web APIs include Google Maps, Google AJAX Search, Google Earth, Trulia, Amazon, and Facebook. Let SAMSA provide API integration services for your website!

Example Integrations

Google Maps

The Google Maps API allows for the creation of fast, map-based applications that are personalized to your needs. Applications can range from a simple map, which shows locations, to a full-featured application which integrates other data with the Google Maps data and features.


Trulia is a real estate search engine that provides buyers with information about homes for sale, real estate trends and local market information. The Trulia API allows you to add data about regional real estate listings and Trulia search trends to your application utilizing the LocationInfo and TruliaStats libraries.

Our Work

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