Software and Security Updates Free to New Clients

Website development proposals from SAMSA include the installation of software and security updates at no charge for a six month period.  These releases consist of bug fixes, performance improvements, feature enhancements and security patches. All website maintenance programs provide monitoring for updates, ensuring that all updates are installed as they become available.

After six months clients can choose one of the following options:

  1. Do Nothing
    We will stop monitoring for updates that impact your site, and only apply critical updates that threaten the security of our servers. Standard charges will apply for any needed updates.  This option is chosen automatically if there is no response form the client after notification of the six month period ending.
  2. Opt in to SAMSA’s Security Updates Maintenance Agreement
    SAMSA will continue monitoring for updates and enhancements that impact your website, and will apply them as needed.  All installed plug-in modules will also be updated as necessary.  A backup of the website files and database will be performed before each update to ensure stability.
  3. Opt in to SAMSA’s Security Plus Site Management Agreement
    In addition to keeping your website software as safe and current as possible, SAMSA will update your website content as well. Send us information that should be posted on your site (such as company news, product or service updates, industry updates, etc.) and we’ll make sure your site is fresh and up to date.  Site updates increase credibility with users of your site, and attract search engine traffic from Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and others.